Our Company

Aerothotic is a sandal producer, made in Thailand with an idea to craft footwear that would be a comforter with classy glimpse. Having made these sandals with great quality as prior, the top notch designs are the secondary key of it to be exceptional. All of these qualities merged and hence we named it wellness sandals!!

Aiming to make it high quality that would give maximum benefits therefore these sandals are manufactured with great attentiveness. Our technological excellence has its roots in such a way, that;

  • Our "Direct on Upper" technology plays vital role as a fighter against the impairment, enabling it to resist water, oil or grease.
  • The insole is being injected with polyurethane gel that allows the footwear to diffuse pressure from high impact area, supporting it to absorb shocks to make it more flexible.
  • Our orthotic insole is especially designed according to different arches assisting in proper body posture
  • These sandals are made of leather that makes them lower in density, softer and lighter – simply, the perfect companion in your long walk.                
  • Furthermore the massive variation of colors and unique styles add more charm to these wellness sandals.

Our Team

Our marketing team is very enthusiastic and always tries their best to be up to the mark to satisfy the customers and retailers, if you have any query regarding Aerothotic products please feel free to reach out to our support team.